Podium Discussion

The Future Of Fermentation In Gastronomy

Fermentation is back, and it’s making its way into gastronomy.

Copenhagen’s Noma restaurant led the way with the creation of their fermentation lab. Now, more and more restaurants are starting to experiment with fermentation and incorporating fermented foods into their offer. Fermentation is set to become a serious player in gastronomy as well as in the areas of nutrition and planetary health. In this podium discussion we talk about the future of fermentation in gastronomy in its many aspects – from the culinary viewpoint to the microbes’ ability to replace tastes and textures of animal products with plant-based alternatives, to the reduction of food waste and more. The speakers are Matteo Leoni, owner of PureTaste, and culinary arts chef instructor Darren Burke. The discussion is moderated by fermentista Franziska Wick.

Matteo Leoni

Matteo, a chef turned fermentista, is the owner of PureTaste, a fermentation manufacture based in Basel, Switzerland. Matteo uses microbes to turn ingredients into sustainable and healthy products. He’s known for exploring the boundaries of the world of fermentation with his innovative products, from vegan charcuterie and Swiss olives and capers from unripe mirabelles and elderberries to fermented sprinkle seasoning and garum paste.

Darren Burke

Before becoming a culinary arts chef instructor at two internationally acclaimed culinary arts and hospitality schools, Darren had both worked internationally as a head chef and run his own restaurant in Switzerland. His current focus is on plant-based cuisine and fermentation. Darren is the co-owner of Wild Pulse, a new company teaching professional chefs in the art of fermentation and sustainable practices through e-learning and online mentoring.

Franziska Wick

Franziska is a certified fermentista who has taught the art of fermentation to over 600 students in the past three years. She owns a German e-learning fermentation platform and is the other co-owner of Wild Pulse. With her background in health economics and environmental economics, Franziska’s focus is not only on creating amazing tastes through fermentation, but also on the transformation of human and planetary health through food with the help of microbes.

Podium Discussion
October 30th 2021
GZ Oerlikon 1st floor
English language
no pre-booking required